is a label and sticker printing company that offers an extensive range of label and sticker products, including some which are unique. We are proud to provide 10 different print methods in house and a comprehensive label range, to offer you the best option at the best price for your printed labels.

Largest Range

We can print labels on A4 sheets from world’s largest range of A4 self-adhesive labels. With over 183 different sizes & shapes to choose from and each shape is available in many different colours and label stocks, including paper labels, synthetic labels, wine labels, freezer grade labels, dissolvable labels and clear labels.

Friendly Staff

The label industry can be very complex, but our customer service staff are very friendly and most helpful. With over 10 different print methods in house, we can help work out the best solution at the best price, without compromising quality. We can assist you with ALL your label printing needs to save going through many companies which saves you time and money.

Dissolvable Labels

Our dissolvable label stock is unique and has many uses in a variety of different industries, especially the food industry. It is non-toxic and biodegradable. It is permanent until water touches it. It will dissolve in water within a few seconds. If you have to store food and you need to record details about the food then this is the ideal label stock. Other applications are the furniture industry, or for products needing a permanent label, that can be removed simply by applying a sponge with water, leaving NO RESIDUE.

Outdoor/Bumper Stickers

Our outdoor stickers are as tough as you can get with the printing sandwiched between durable synthetic label stock and a clear gloss lamination. These are ideal for promoting your business name or special products.

Graphic Design

We have a Graphic Design team that can assist you to create the look you want. No matter what kind of label or sticker you want, we can finish off your print files or create them from scratch.

Whatever label and sticker printing needs you have, is pleased to offer you our full range of services and products. Our aim is that you will be completely satisfied with the quality, service and price of what we can offer. I will do all I can to save you time and money.


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